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Over a career that spans around 28 years, Nick has had the pleasure of producing creative work for a number of well-know brands.

Nick is an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer who delivers creative solutions across digital, print, ambient and outdoor media. He works as design lead at Pitman Training Group and is available for freelance projects.

Nick began his journey as a Junior Designer at the age of 16. Working in a busy advertising agency, he learned what formed good design, balance and typography - starting with traditional typesetting, Letraset, flat-bed camera, drawing board and scalpel.

When the revolution in Desk Top Publishing began and the Macintosh II became the de-facto tool for the industries designers, Nick quickly took to the digital platform with Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator and established a solid set of skills, working in a fast-paced agency environment.

Soon, the Internet beckoned and Pagemill gave way to Dreamweaver, which eventually relinquished its crown to hand-coded html/css/js. Nick was an early adopter of web standards for accessibility and semantic code.

As the Web matured, technologies such as WebGL, ActionScript and 3D browser plugins opened new opportunities. Nick stepped into the role of interface designer and coder in a small team of talented creators (In a time well before the concept of UX and UI had been coined). Together they created interactive, animated 2D and 3D tools for some of the country's top outdoor media names and blue chip clients.

The next epoch began with useable mobile browsing and the advent of the ‘app’. Nick used early technologies with Symbian-based mobile devices and Flash interpreters to create several mobile and desktop based apps and games, including a successful elearning app.

With this background, today Nick spends his days in full-time employment as lead graphic/digital designer for an international company, but is able to provide agency-quality design for print or screen on a freelance basis for a core of regular clients.

design skills

This is my main skillset, built over a number of years. I make sure that I stay up to date with modern best-practice and technology.

Web Design

All my web builds are mobile-first and progressively enhanced for desktops.

Digital Illustration
& Cartooning

Using a graphic tablet or pen and paper to produce illustrations or cartoons.

Concepts, Wireframes, Prototypes

I can produce functional mockups for websites, desktop or mobile apps.


Design for mobile, desktop and eLearning software.

Literature, Stationery, POS

Design for print whatever the format.

Logo Design

I can produce eye-catching logos and associated brand assets.

Signage, Livery, Outdoor Media

I have experience with many types of outdoor media.

Skinny Latte

I have highly-developed coffee-making & drinking skills.


Sharon Blaney

Business Relationship Manager at Innovative Alliance Ltd

Nick is a very creative and supportive individual who delivers quality material to deadline. He is attentive to detail and always meets and exceeds my expectations.

He is an effective listener and communicator who manages to decipher my aims into reality! A pleasure to work with.

Gill Singleton

Chairman of The Green Hammerton Country Fayre

In July 2016 the village of Green Hammerton held a charity fayre. Nick was one of these people who gave up their spare time. He was very much key to the level of professionalism our web­site, flyers, brochure and posters achieved.

The liaison and communication with our printers and web­designers was trouble free. Both companies commented on the high level of accuracy and competence of the print ready work.

I have found Nick’s interpretation skills quite unique and his eye for design more than refreshing. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Carl Syres

Owner at
Red Lime Studios

I have had the pleasure of watching Nick develop quickly into a very accomplished Senior Graphic Designer.

Nick's ability to learn new applications and techniques quickly and competently led him to produce award winning designs for some major brands, and take our company to No.2 in the UK in less than 3 years,

Emily Noyes

Marketing Relationship Officer at Canterbury City Council

I always use Nick for his speed, precision, artistic design, and ability to put my ideas into a fantastic looking piece of artwork.

All that Nick designs for Pitman Training is of high standard, clear and catchy, as well as well written.

Dominic Lusardi

Managing Director
Animmersion UK Ltd

Nick is a exceptionally hard working individual that has the attention to detail that I can only hope to have. From starting with a blank page to being given a challegning brief, Nick can always come up with new ideas, thoughts and concepts that take projects in a new direction and make them come to life.

Nick will always try acheive the very best and never comprimises on quality. He is passionate and dedicated and working with him is a real pleasure.

David Shimwell

Director at
Blue Poodle Limited

Nick is one of the most commercial graphic designers I have had the pleasure of working with and has the unique ability to pick up on exactly what the client wants, therefore saving time and hassle due to very little tweaking required to his original proposals.

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